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A Fijian Farewell

At the end of eight months, my passport is full, my wallet empty, and my GI tract still horribly, horribly confused. I chose Fiji as my final country for one simple reason. After 250 days of playing Russian Roulette with the tap water, I knew I would be in good hands:

Fiji water is actually the country's number one export, but I wouldn't mind if it was kava. Though it tastes like chalky dishwater, it numbs the tongue and ensures a pleasant night's sleep. Bula!

I traveled off the main island to the Yasawa Islands for a week.  With very little current, it was like a giant bathtub, with corral. As  Red says "I hope the water is as blue as in my dreams." It was.

But in the shallow end, some unwanted friends popped in for a slither.

So I headed for deeper water:

And soon found myself swimming alongside the most beautiful sea creatures I have ever seen. With a wingspan of more than five meters, the manta ray's majestic gliding was nothing short of a bird underwater.

Back to landlubber life. This beach is on the some sort of world top-10 list. I dunno about such lists, but it was good enough for me.

I hung out with a fine bunch of lads from the U.K. I brought out all my British colloquial for our volleyball, monopoly and drinking matches. Top flight indeed chap!

But when we didn't pay our bar bill, the locals got angry:

So I headed for the treetops:

And outlasted them. One final sunset to close out the journey:

And it is time to get back across the Pacific.

Thanks for following along, dearest readers. Sendmoneyplease has a few more posts he'll be making stateside, include a "funniest signage" entry and a mini-memoir of the trip. Look for those in the upcoming weeks. See you soon, if I get past quarantine.


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May. 20th, 2009 10:48 pm (UTC)
Dude i wasn't even on the trip and i am sad its over....... welcome home.
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